Top 10  Add-ons to Sell During Booking Process

Top 10 Add-ons to Sell During Booking Process

Booking add-ons are a great way to increase your revenue while also offering something a little special for your guests.

In the restaurant business, it's not just about serving meals—it's about creating experiences. Offering booking add-ons can not only enhance your guests' dining experience but also increase your revenue and set your establishment apart.

Offering booking add-ons can create a sense of value for customers, as the cost of extras like a pre-ordered bottle of wine is settled upfront. This means the final bill at the end of the night feels more manageable, enhancing the overall dining experience by removing any surprises.

Here's how introducing these top 10 booking add-ons can benefit your venue:

1. Bottle of Wine: Encouraging guests to pre-order a bottle of wine can significantly boost your beverage sales. It also ensures a memorable dining experience, pairing their meal with the perfect wine right from the start.

2. Birthday Cake: Offering to arrange a custom birthday cake adds a personal touch that guests will remember and appreciate. It's a simple yet effective way to increase ticket sizes while making celebrations more special.

3. Balloons: By providing balloon arrangements for special occasions, you cater to celebratory groups, encouraging bookings for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. This festive add-on can differentiate your venue as a top choice for celebrations.

4. Special Cocktail: Custom cocktails can showcase your mixology expertise and become a signature offering that entices guests to spend more. It's an opportunity to create a unique beverage experience that guests can't find elsewhere.

5. Cheese or Charcuterie Board: Introducing a pre-order option for cheese or charcuterie boards can increase appetiser sales and enhance the overall dining experience, encouraging guests to linger and order more.

6. Flower Arrangements: Offering tableside flower arrangements not only beautifies the dining space but also adds a premium touch, allowing you to charge a bit more for the special setup.

7. Priority Seating or VIP Treatment: Charging for the best seats in the house or special attention from the staff positions your restaurant as a place that offers exclusive experiences, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

8. Customized Menus: Personalized menus for special occasions can make guests feel valued and celebrated, encouraging positive word-of-mouth and repeat business from delighted customers.

9. Photography Package: Partnering with a photographer to offer professional photos of guests' special moments adds an upscale service. This not only provides an additional revenue stream but also enhances the guest experience by capturing memorable moments.

10. Exclusive Dishes or Chef's Special: Allowing guests to pre-order exclusive dishes or a chef's tasting menu can elevate your culinary reputation and increase average spend per table. It's an excellent way to showcase your chef's talent and creativity.

By incorporating these booking add-ons, your restaurant not only boosts its revenue but also elevates its status as a destination that offers a truly exceptional dining experience. These enhancements can set you apart in a competitive market and create lasting memories that keep guests coming back for more.

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