New Feature: Capture card details for later payment

New Feature: Capture card details for later payment

Capture card details and then only charge at a later stage, for example on no-show.

We've rolled out a new feature that allows you to capture card details without immediate charging. This gives you the flexibility to charge customers at a later date, for instance, in cases of no-shows. However, it's crucial to remember that the nature of delayed charges implies there might be instances where later collection of payments isn't possible. Furthermore, the use of virtual cards allows guests to input a valid card during the booking process and remove it post-booking.

When a deposit is captured but not charged, this will be visually represented in both the list and gantt views with a purple card symbol, alongside the originally expected sum. You can then charge any amount ranging from £1 to £999 on the captured card details, and this can be done multiple times.

It's essential to explicitly specify potential charges in the charge description to avoid unexpected costs, which could lead to chargebacks. The 'capture only' setting can be toggled per session and deposit type, providing the option for some bookings to only capture details and others to require payment upfront.

Moreover, any add-ons which are set to 'capture only' will also not be charged until you decide to do so. This allows you to continue offering add-ons without requiring immediate payment during the booking journey.

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