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Reviews that make us proud

When your smaller like us, every customer counts - That's why we're proud of these testimonials!
    • Booking Ninja was incredibly simple to set up and their customer service is on another level. They have actually changed their websites immediately a few times after I've asked for something specific and I really appreciate it.

      Everyday People
    • I was able to access their technical support whilst only being a "free user" and was so impressed with the speed and clarity of the support the we subscribed immediately to a paid plan. The platform has taken away the headache of table planning.

      Karoo Bar & Kitchen
    • Amazing, always there to help with any issues and implement features when required. Best booking system I've used!

      Ready Steady Roll
    • Absolutley fantastic software, really easy to use for both customers booking and us. The customer service is above and beyond.

    • Booking Ninja saved the day. From the very beginning the free trail to see if the software would do what we wanted to signing up for the Gold package. I can not express how happy we are.

      Peacock Pottery Barn
      Barleylands Farm Park
    • Not just another booking software, one that has radically improved our business operations and revenue. Thank you everyone

      The King Pub
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Table Management

Manage your tables with ease, optimise your seating and maximise your revenue

Auto Table Yield

Automatically place guests on the best table for their group size

Variable Booking Duration

Change how long a booking turn time is based on the number of guests

Same Table Seating

Allow certain sessions or events to place guests on the same table, great for events like quizzes

Guest Seat Selection

Allow the guest to select their exact table, based on a list of described tables

Chain Tables Together

Create chains which allow tables to be joined together for bigger group bookings

Booking Management

Manage your bookings with ease, with a range of different features to help you

User Selectable Duration

Allow guests to select how long their booking lasts, from a preselected list

Approve or Deny Bookings

Have bookings require approval before going live and being confirmed

Group Size Control

Set limits on the smallest and largest group sizes that can book online

Notice Period Required

Define how much notice a guest needs to give before being able to make a booking

Override Based on Date

Run special settings, overwriting any or all existing settings on certain dates

Gantt View

View all of your bookings for the day instantly with the Gantt view - showing you what times you have free

List View

Or view your bookings as a list, with all the information you'll need

Works on any device

Mobile, tablet or desktop. No special software or hardware required

Walk-in Feature

Add a walk-in in less than 30 seconds, telling you what space you have, and even the best table to sit them

Bookings from Any Source

Add bookings you receive in person or over the phone, quickly in the admin panel.

Mark Booking States

Mark bookings as arrived, no-show, or left to stay on top of your venue.

Custom booking fields

Add custom fields to your booking form, to collect any information you need

Deposits & Payments

Charge your guests for their bookings, with a range of different pricing options

Take payments via Stripe

Taking just minutes to setup and low payment gateway fees. Get the money direct into your bank account

0% Commission

BookingNinja takes 0% of all payments and deposits - you simply pay the payment gateway's fees.

Fixed Cost Bookings

Charge a fixed rate for each booking

Per Pax Booking Fees & Deposits

Charge a set fee per each guest on the booking

Scaling Cost Deposits

Charge based on set limits of guest counts.

Ticket Types

Charge different amounts for different types of guests, for example children and adult tickets

Charge Per Minutes

Charge different rates for each x minutes in the venue. For example £5 per hour

Payments per session

Have each of your sessions with their own unique payment requirements.

Analytics and Insights

Understand your bookings and customers with a range of different analytics and insights


View booking trends by days, weeks or months. Get an idea of which direction your bookings are going easily

Breakdown on days of week

Understand instantly what your busy days are, and what days you might need to market more

Relative Information

Instantly see how busy you are compared to the previous week, allowing you to make snap staffing decisions.

Historic Data

Quickly pull up booking information from up to 3 years ago.

Gather Feedback Automatically

Get feedback directly into your BookingNinja control panel, or direct people to your TripAdvisor / Google Reviews

Customer Profiles

Understand your repeat customers, and get alerted to ones that have previously no-showed

Collect Average Spend

Easily find out what customers are spending a healthy amount, and what might need extra pushing

Marketing and Communication

Communicate with your customers, and market to them with a range of different features

Send Targeted Marketing Emails

Filter your customer base, and send marketing emails that have proven results

Block Problem Customers

Getting a customer who is becoming a problem? Block them with BookingNinja's block feature

Embeddable Booking Widget

Easily embed the booking widget on your site, supporting all major website builders

Linkable Booking Page

Post your booking page onto your social media platforms, with a unique booking URL

SMS Reminders

Send SMS reminders to your customers, to reduce no-shows

Industry Leading Support

We pride ourselves on our support, and are always here to help

Live Chat

We're always here to help, with our live chat support. Get help in minutes not days

Problems, Resolved.

Dont get passed around multiple levels of support. We'll help you until your problem is resolved

Help Centre

We have a range of help articles, and videos to help you get started

Human Support

We're not a faceless company. We're real people, who care about your business

Installation Help

All of our plans include installation help if you need it. No extra cost.


We monitor your account & settings, and will alert you if we see any problems

Sell Vouchers & Giftcards

Sell vouchers and giftcards directly from your website, with no commission

Sell Vouchers and Gift Cards Online

With 0% Commission from BookingNinja

Email Delivery

Guests are sent their voucher via email - they can either send direct or to a friend

Easy Voucher Lookup

Just type the voucher ID into the admin panel and get all the details you need

Partial Redemption

Guests can use part of their voucher, with balance tracked

Voucher Expiry

Set an expiry date for your vouchers, and get alerted when they are about to expire

Voucher Codes

Set your own voucher codes, or let BookingNinja generate them for you

Usable on Bookings

Vouchers can be used both in-store and as a way to pay for bookings

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  • 1 Venue
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  • Branded booking page
  • All features
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  • 0% Commission
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£79.95 / month


  • Pre-orders
  • White label booking page
  • Premium SLA Support
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Unlimited support
  • 1 venue
  • Organisation management
  • Custom features
  • 0% Commission
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question we've not answered below? Reach out to our LiveChat and speak to us now.

    • Are there hidden costs?

      None. Unlike other providers we don't advertise one price and then charge up each basic required feature. When we say you pay a monthly fee, it's how much you'd pay. You'll never pay per-booking, and you'll get all the features included in your plan.

    • Where are you based?

      We're a UK company, based in Kent. That said we do support a wide range of different currency options, and we staff support throughout the British evening.

    • What is support like?

      Human. The best way we can describe our support is one that is needs you to be happy. We're a small team that you contact any time on LiveChat.

    • What are the setup costs?

      Absolutely Zero. No matter if you go through our self serve platform, or need some help we charge absolutely nothing during the setup process.

    • What is the contract length?

      Your free to leave at any point; with no locked in contract or large upfront payments required.

    • What if you go down?

      We have had a total of 16 minutes of complete downtime since we launched over 4 years ago. If it happens we have a backup site you can still access your bookings on.

    • Can I get a trial?

      We don't offer a trial, but rather have a free plan that includes nearly all the features from the paid plan. This free plan has limited bookings per a month, but beyond that it allows you to fully test the system. You can create an account right now without any card details required!

    • Do you have an App?

      No, but yes. We don’t have native apps you download from the App Store or Play store but our website is designed to work great on mobile devices and iPads. A large number of other booking providers apps are just web browsers with the URL bar hidden, we’re just honest about that!