Ticket Based Deposits & Charges

Ticket Based Deposits & Charges

If your venue relies on charging different guest types different values then you'll need ticket-based deposits & charges. Rather than doing a set charge per a customer, you can instead ask the customer the breakdown of the guests that are visiting - and in turn, charge based on their input.

A common example of this is having a child entry ticket and an adult entry ticket. You simply need to set up the charge to ask the guest what booking types they want and then BookingNinja will apply the total charge. You'll be able to see a quick and easy breakdown of the guest types in your booking listing.

You can have as many ticket types as you'd like - and they can be range from anything such as ages or even members and non-member pricing. Setup is easy so if your business needs ticket-based deposits & charges then get started with BookingNinja now!

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