Table Chaining

Table Chaining

Flexibility in table layout is becoming more and more vital in the modern world of hospitality - your 2 person table should not be seen only as a 2 person table but rather a module in any number of different configurations.

With BookingNinja's table chaining, you can allow the system to combine tables to create a new bookable space for guests that might not have otherwise fit. If you only have two three-person tables left but they are next to each other then the system can be told to still let them book as the tables can be chained together.

With table chains, you can increase the number of bookings and the booking sizes beyond what you'd be able to normally with a standard booking setup. You remain in control however and you define which tables can be chained together so the system isn't having you haul tables all over your venue and up and down stairs.

Of course, table chains are optional - and a lot of users like the simplicity of not having to move their tables, but if you want to maximise the total potential revenue then table chains offer a whole new realm of possibility.

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