Same Table Seating

Same Table Seating

The "Same Table Seating" feature is a functional and flexible tool available to venue owners to manage their seating and booking arrangements. This feature primarily allows multiple bookings to share the same table, up to its maximum seating capacity.

"Same Table Seating" is particularly beneficial for venues that host group-oriented events such as **quiz nights** or **communal dining experiences**. It provides a way for event organizers or venue owners to efficiently utilize their available space, while fostering a sociable atmosphere.

Here's how it works: As a venue owner, you can choose to apply the "Same Table Seating" setup to specific events, certain time slots or sessions, or even set it as your default seating arrangement. The customization of this feature is entirely in your hands.

When a customer makes a booking, the system automatically assigns them to a table. If another customer books after them for the same event or time slot, and if there are still vacant seats at the first customer's table, the system will assign the new booking to the same table. This will continue until the table reaches its maximum seating capacity.

This "Same Table Seating" feature not only allows you to optimize your space and accommodate more customers, but it also encourages a more communal and interactive environment in your venue. It is easy to set up and manage, making it a convenient tool to enhance your venue management experience.

Remember, as a venue owner, your control over the "Same Table Seating" feature is absolute. You can adjust the settings as per your needs and the nature of your events. So why wait? Start making the most of your communal tables today!

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