Use Your Own Branding

Use Your Own Branding

There is nothing more jarring for users than to suddenly land on a page that looks completely different to the rest of your brand and yet so many booking platforms are focused on making their brand be the one that stands out, not yours.

With BookingNinja you get complete control of the brand feel of the booking page. Upload your logo and have it displayed prominently on the page, add a background image that suits your business and then match the font with your website.

We've designed the booking form to take on an identity of its own with your customisations while ensuring it remains modern, responsive and easy to use. We regularly do testing panels to ensure the booking form maximises the number of bookings you'll receive while providing you with happy customers.

Every word on the entire booking process can be edited to suit your brand tone and language, so don't get left with having to use some booking system that doesn't match the feel your going for - have a booking form that feels completely you.

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