Built for International Usage

Built for International Usage

While BookingNinja is based in the UK we love our international community - and we're far from being only a UK focused business. We've got customers from all around the world, Australia, the United States and Germany are all big areas for us.

To help aid our international customers BookingNinja supports a wide range of currencies for customer deposits & payments. Your customers can pay in their local currency ensuring they don't receive any currency conversion costs or surprises!

And if you're not in an English speaking part of the world that's not a problem either! Every bit of customer fronting text can be translated into your language - even if your local language is English this translation ability allows you to define the language to better suit your regional dialect.

We've invested in a global CDN to ensure that no matter where your customers are accessing your booking form it is fast and responsive for them. We've got servers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia... we don't have any servers in Antarctica because the software kept freezing... sorry.

And just because we're based in the UK doesn't mean our support hours are a standard British 9-5 - we're around 18 hours of the day ensuring that we've got someone to respond to your queries as quickly as possible throughout the day, no matter where you are.

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