Seperate Floors & Areas

Seperate Floors & Areas

If your venue is split into sections, be it floors or outside and inside areas then offering guests the choice of where to sit can help boost customer happiness and increase the number of bookings you receive.

With BookingNinja you can set up different sections of your venue which can be selected during the booking process - and each section can have its yield and deposit rules - so for example you might have a case where you have a VIP section that requires a £15 upfront payment.

Session areas allow you an amazing degree of control over where, how and when your customers can book each area. You can define an opening time that differs from that of your normal venues opening times which is great if you've got an outside area with different licensing requirements to your indoor space.

Each session can be assigned a single yield area or you can allow some sessions to use multiple yield areas giving you the ultimate control over how your business is run and maximising your potential revenue.

Sessions are an incredibly flexible feature that is used by a huge range of different business types.

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