Custom Booking Fields

Custom Booking Fields

Sometimes you need to ask your guest information that isn't covered by any of the current features of booking ninja - perhaps something unique or exclusive to your business concept. Luckily you can use BookingNinja's custom fields functionality which allows you to collect any information you need.

This information can be collected with a simple tick box, a longer input field or even a text area to collect larger amounts of information - and you can have as many custom fields on your booking form as you'd like so no matter your unique requirements you can morph your booking form into exactly what you need.

The information the user inputs is clearly displayed on the booking listings page so you can make informed decisions with the help of custom booking fields.

Custom booking fields on your free booking system are an incredibly powerful option to adapt the booking form to your exact business needs and it’s with custom booking fields we’ve managed to be the system of choice for the likes of board game cafes, themed cafes and of course – cat cafes.

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