Session Level Booking Terms & Conditions

Session Level Booking Terms & Conditions

This innovative feature is designed to help you manage your restaurant reservations more effectively and provide clarity and assurance to your customers. This way, both parties understand what to expect during the booking. Whether you want to set minimum spend conditions, implement cancellation policies, or specify other unique conditions for particular events or booking types, our Book-Specific Terms and Conditions feature has got you covered.

What Does the booking Terms and Conditions Feature Entail?

Think of our booking Terms and Conditions feature as a safety net. It allows you to specify certain conditions or requirements for each booking to ensure that your patrons are fully aware of what their reservation entails.

For example, if you have a special Chef's Table event that requires a non-refundable deposit, or perhaps a minimum spend on Valentine's Day, you can now clearly state these conditions during the booking process. This not only streamlines your operations but also aids in preventing misunderstandings and cancellations.

The feature allows you to set different terms and conditions per session, so if you have a special event that can run one terms and conditions, while your normal bookings could run another.

How Can This Feature Benefit Your Business?

- Improved Transparency: This feature is designed to present any conditions you set forth in a clear and understandable manner. Your customers can view these terms and conditions when making their booking, leading to better communication and fewer misunderstandings. - Reduced Last-Minute Cancellations: By making your cancellation policies evident during the booking process, you can deter last-minute cancellations, ensuring you retain as much of your valuable booking revenue as possible. - Customized Booking Experiences: From exclusive wine tastings to unique holiday events, you can set specific terms and conditions for special bookings, providing a bespoke experience for your patrons.

How To Implement This Feature?

It's as simple as adding your terms and conditions in your session. You'll find the input box in the sessions section, under the description for the session. If this input is blank then no terms will show, else it will show on the booking page along with a tick box they can click to agree to the terms.

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