SMS Confirmations & Reminders

SMS Confirmations & Reminders

Ensuring your customers don't forget their booking is so important, luckily gone are the days of having to call each customer up at the start of each shift and instead, automated reminders are here!

With BookingNinja in addition to the email reminders, your customer will receive on the day of their booking you can also give them the option of having SMS reminders sent directly to their mobile phone.

These reminders are charged to you at 4p per text, the cost applied to us, nothing more, no 'addon' required - We've made it as affordable as possible to send automated reminders because we've seen how much it can reduce no-show rates.

We support over 200 countries for SMS reminders so the chances are if you need to send an SMS we can do so.

Just 1 no show can be devastating for a business so every step taken can save you hundreds if not thousands every year.

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