Take pre-orders for bookings

Take pre-orders for bookings

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A prepared business is a happy business - and with our pre-order functionality you can ensure you and your team never get overwhelmed, ensuring a stress free service. The pre-orders functionality is included in all plans, so what are you waiting for?

When using the BookingNinja pre-order service you first create your menus - you can set options such as how many of one particular item can be sold, and what modifiers the guest can select? Burger with no cheese but extra pickles? Not a problem. 

You can have different pre-order menus for different days, so for example you might have a Valentines day pre-order and a Mothers day pre-order menu, each with their own options and configurations. 

You’ll be able to set when the pre-order should come in, for example you need pre-orders a week before the event, and you’ll get live updates to understand who has completed your pre-orders! Getting close to the event? Send automated SMS reminders and nudge those customers who are leaving it to the last minute. Don’t need pre-orders from everyone? Not a problem - set a minimum guest count that needs to be completed, and take everyone else's orders in person on the day. 

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