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Soft Play Booking Software

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Running a soft play can be exhausting, we hear that a lot from our customers. That's why we've made sure BookingNinja is the perfect tool to manage your soft play venue bookings. We've designed everything in mind to make the process as simple, affordable and enjoyable to use as possible.


Beyond all else, we're affordable. We know that the soft play industry often runs on tight margins, and we live and breathed hospitality for years. Take less than 150 bookings per month? You can continue using our free plan forever. Need more than that? Unless you have a peculiar use case, then you can almost certainly use the £29.95 plan, which offers unlimited bookings, no charges (except payment gateway fees) on deposits, and year round customer support.

Charge Upfront

Don't take payment at the door - charge upfront and speed up the process of getting people into your venue. Children aren't known for enjoying queues or unpunctual entry times! With our payment gateway provider Stripe, you can take money directly into your Stripe account, and then right into your bank account. No waiting around, we don't ever touch the money - it goes straight from the customer to your own merchant account.

To facilitate soft plays, we've got the ability to charge based on guest type. So if you've got a different price depending on ages, then that's no problem - the customer simply inputs what tickets they want to buy and completes the sale. Need to enforce at least one adult to the venue? That's just a tick box away.

Charging upfront reduces no-shows and increases revenue in the venue. People mentally detach payments they've already made from payments they're making on the day. Nearly every case of someone moving to upfront deposits & charges beholds an increase in spend at the venue.

Different Areas

Is your soft play operating on different areas? Perhaps you have a separate laser tag area or toddle area and bigger kids? No matter how you operate, you can set up sessions and areas with their own limits and charges. Need to limit the toddler area to 20 guests by the big kid area to 100? Easy. BookingNinja caters to diverse businesses, types, and therefor we can offer a wide range of features

Support & Setup

We're a family owned and managed business so you'll not be speaking some distance call centre when you need help - we're just an email or LiveChat away. If you need help setting up, or want to be guided through the entire process, then we're delighted to do that. No extra cost. Just pop us a message on the chat function in the bottom right corner, and we'll start that process right away.

You don't have to wait long lead times or go through loads of sales calls where we try to work out how much we can extract from you - instead you can get started right now for free, or try one of our two simple and upfront pricing plans. Almost all soft play venues that use us use our £29.95 a month plan - easily covered by the increase in bookings you'll receive

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