Squeeze the Revenue out of Every Minute with "Promoted Booking Slots"

Squeeze the Revenue out of Every Minute with "Promoted Booking Slots"

Fit extra bookings into those awkward slots - and increase your revenue.

Hey there, venue dynamos! So your joint is hopping—like a Saturday night dance floor or a hipster café on a Sunday morning. Life's good, right? But wait a minute—what's that little 45-minute slot doing there, all lonely and unbooked between your back-to-back reservations? Shouldn't every moment in your venue be living its best life? Enter "Promoting Booking Slots," the feature that's like the fairy godparent your venue never knew it needed.

The Deets—What Is It?

Look, we know you're busy (that's the point, isn't it?). "Promoting Booking Slots" allows you to highlight those 45-minutes-and-up gaps between existing bookings and make them into desirable, bookable slots. Like transforming Cinderella into the belle of the ball, but for time slots. You get to fill your venue to the brim, and your customers get a unique booking option. Win-win!

All you have to do is drag on the Gantt view a slot that you want to promote

Why You'll Be Buzzing About It

1. Efficiency is the New Black

Seriously, what's chicer than a venue that maximises its potential at every tick of the clock? Nothing, that's what.

2. Promote Offers

Got a slot that is shorter than normal? No problem - fill it up by adding an offer to the booking, for example you could offer 10% off for guests who can eat a bit quicker!

3. No Surprises!

Your customers see these unique slots and their durations right when they're booking. Transparency is always in season.

How To Make the Magic Happen

  1. Spot the Opportunity: Log into your dashboard and spot those 45-minute or longer gaps between bookings.

  2. Give it Some Glam: Highlight it as a "Promoted Booking Slot," add the duration, and maybe even toss in a special deal. "Happy 45" anyone?

  3. Take a Bow: These dazzling slots will pop up for your guests when they're booking. They click, they book, and just like that, your venue is living its absolute best life.

Ready to make every minute count? Fire up that dashboard and start promoting those booking slots. Your venue's schedule will be so full, it'll need to start thinking about going on a diet. 🌟

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