Gather feedback from your guests

Gather feedback from your guests

Gather post-booking feedback from your guests, to ensure they were happy and to boost your social presence.

Running a restaurant isn't just about great grub and spot-on service. It's about listening, learning, and constantly evolving. One feature that can help you do all this is "Guest Feedback". It's not new, and it's not flashy, but it's a proper workhorse that helps you gather insights straight from your customers. What's the "Guest Feedback" all about?

"Guest Feedback" is all about getting your customers' thoughts about their visit to your restaurant. After a customer has visited, the feature automatically pings them an email asking about their experience. It's more than just a digital chit-chat; it's a way to say "cheers for coming in" and understand their experience at the same time. Boosting Your Online Chops

There's a bit more to "Guest Feedback" than just collecting thoughts and comments. If a customer's feedback is above a certain level (you get to set the threshold), they get redirected to a social media or review platform. That's where they can sing your praises loud and clear, helping you beef up your online presence.

Let's not beat around the bush: positive online reviews can seriously boost your profile and get more bums on seats. Plus, it's not just about marketing and attracting new customers. If something's not quite up to scratch, you'll hear about it quickly so you can get things sorted before it hits the public domain. In Conclusion

All in all, the "Guest Feedback" feature is about connecting with your customers, improving their experiences, and driving your restaurant's success. It's a straight-up, no-nonsense tool that brings you the real, honest thoughts of your customers and helps you turn those thoughts into actionable changes. With a bit of luck, you'll also gain some top-notch online reviews in the process. Give it a go, and watch your business thrive.

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