Take Pre-orders with BookingNinja

Take Pre-orders with BookingNinja

Get ready for Christmas & Valentines day with our new pre-order feature

Hey everyone, it's Daniel here. You know that running a venue—be it a restaurant, café, or bar—is no walk in the park, especially during special occasions like Christmas or Mother’s Day. That's why I'm beyond excited to introduce you to something we've been working hard on—our brand-new Pre-Orders feature. For a lot of you, this is going to make your lives a lot easier!

Why I Believe in Pre-Orders

We all know how crucial special events are in our line of work. They can either be a fantastic success or, well, the opposite. What makes the difference often boils down to planning and preparation. That’s where Pre-Orders come into play. They offer a heads-up on what your guests are craving, allowing you to prepare in advance and really nail that service - of course pre-orders also help you reduce wastage and keep your bills down; something we all very much could do with at the moment!

Tailored Menus for Every Event

You can tailor the pre-order menus to suit each event you're hosting. Planning a brunch? Whip up a menu full of morning delights. Have a Christmas party on the horizon? Craft a menu filled with holiday cheer. Each event and session can have it's own pre-order options; so you aren't stuck with just one menu.

How It’s Going to Work

When someone books a table, they’ll be sent to a dedicated pre-order page. And this isn't just any page—it'll display the menu you've customized for the event they’re attending. Here, guests can customise their order down to the last detail. We’re talking about the nitty-gritty like sauces and burger toppings.

The Nuts and Bolts—Deadlines and Edits

You can set your own deadlines for these pre-orders. This gives you—and importantly your kitchen—the time you need to prepare. And hey, people change their minds; that's why guests can edit their orders until your set deadline.

The More, The Merrier: Group Pre-Ordering

Another feature I'm stoked about is that the pre-order page is shareable. Each guest in a group can make their own selections, no having to have one guest coordinate everything (and then get things wrong!) No more last-minute chaos, just a smooth sailing service.

What You’ll Get in the End

You’ll receive a detailed, itemised list of all orders, organsed by table. It’s like a cheat sheet for your kitchen staff. You'll also get an overview of each item; making life even easier.

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, our new Pre-Orders feature is all about making your life easier. It takes the guesswork out of event planning and helps streamline your service, ensuring that both you and your guests have an exceptional experience. I can't wait for you all to try it out. Cheers to a more efficient, and satisfying, future in venue management!

Best, Daniel

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