New Feature: Allow people to join each others bookings

New Feature: Allow people to join each others bookings

A simple 5 digit code unlocks a lot of power and avenues for new revenue with Booking Codes

We're always looking for ways to increase the number of bookings you receive and reduce the time you spend managing those bookings. That's why we're excited about the latest feature we've rolled out. As always, any new feature rollouts are included in all our plans at no extra cost. You can also enable or disable them at will.

Booking codes can now be generated at the end of a booking. This simple 5-digit code opens a world of opportunities for your guests. They can share their code with anyone they believe might want to join them on their booking. The guests who decide to come along simply visit the booking form and input the booking code.

After entering the code, they'll be informed if there is any space available. If so, they can book onto the same table as the original booking.

The feature doesn't stop there - if the current table doesn't accommodate the enlarged group, our yield system works its magic to find a suitable table for them.

Multiple bookings can merge together. For example, a meetup group could share the code among members. This allows individuals to manage their own bookings, while simultaneously creating a sizeable reservation for you. We've enabled this feature in one of our venues for a few weeks, and we've already noticed an increase in bookings. Additionally, we no longer need to combine bookings that were made separately for the same table.

To enable this feature: Simply select any of your sessions and toggle the "Enable booking codes" check box. That's it!

As always, any new feature roll outs are included in all our plans, for no extra cost. You can also enable, or disable at will.

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