Booking System for Board Game Cafes

Booking System for Board Game Cafes

Embrace the future of board game cafe bookings with BookingNinja, the booking system specifically designed with your unique needs in mind.

Our passion for board game cafes runs deep, and we're confident in saying that our understanding of the business model surpasses any other booking platform out there. In fact, BookingNinja was initially created as an in-house booking system for our own board game cafe, Playopolis. We later entrusted Playopolis to my sister's capable hands to channel our focus on developing and expanding BookingNinja. So, what makes BookingNinja the perfect fit for board game cafes? Deposits & Advance Payments

Most board game cafes operate on a cover charge model, essential to continuously introduce new games into your repertoire. Traditionally, customers settle this cover charge alongside their food and drink bill, but have you considered processing this payment during the booking phase? BookingNinja enables you to collect the cover charge in advance, which allows for a more pleasant billing experience as customers won't face a high accumulated charge at the end. We understand that humans can be unpredictable and presenting the cover charge along with the food and drink bill may negatively impact their perception of your value.

Additionally, collecting booking cover charges in advance enables you to set cancellation policies that protect your business from no-show losses. Whether you prefer per-person charges or a fixed deposit amount, BookingNinja's deposits and fees feature ensures your cover charges are handled seamlessly. Additional Details

Board game cafes are not always designed uniformly – take our cafe for instance, which had separate zones for families and dedicated gamers. With BookingNinja, you have the liberty to request any information during the booking process. This could range from inquiries about having children to whether the customer wishes to reserve a specific game from your library, all of which can simplify your operations. Time Options

Board game cafes have unique booking requirements compared to conventional venues. It's commonplace to offer fixed duration sessions, and with BookingNinja, you can offer either set timeslots (like 12:00 to 14:00) or even provide customers with the flexibility to choose their own duration. This allows for more efficient scheduling, increasing your guest capacity and consequently, your revenue. We Understand Your Business

Perhaps the most significant advantage of choosing BookingNinja is our deep-seated understanding of your business. Our support team is not starting from scratch – we have hands-on experience with the process and workflow. Hence, we're equipped to assist with industry-specific questions.

So, if you're searching for a specialized booking system for board game cafes, consider joining BookingNinja. You can manage up to 75 bookings per month at no cost (thereafter, the service is priced at £49 a month without any contract). We're proud to be the chosen system for an expanding network of leading board game cafes.

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