Using & Understanding Intervals with BookingNinja

Using & Understanding Intervals with BookingNinja

Setting the right interval for your business is paramount, luckily with BookingNinja it's a matter of 1 simple input.

The Interval Setting is how you control what interval the slots are offered in.

If you had an interval of 15 minutes and a start time of 12PM (and a last booking time of 1PM) your slots would be:

12:00, 12:15, 12:45, 13:00

If however you set this to an interval of 60 minutes (an hour), then your slots would show simply:

12:00 and 13:00

The interval length is always stored in minutes, and can go down to 5 minutes.

If your venue operates on certain time slots then you simply need to work out what the time between each slot would be. So if you wanted a slot at 2PM and then one at 3:15 you’d find out the difference between these two times (in this case 75 minutes) and have that as your interval.

Each session can have its own interval. If you change intervals at a later date, then current bookings will be unimpacted.

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