Free Restaurant Booking Platform

Free Restaurant Booking Platform

BookingNinja offers a free restaurant booking platform with all the features you could possibily need. It scales with your business.

Looking for a free restaurant booking platform? Look no further than ours! Our software is free to use for upto 75 bookings a month.

From start to finish the process of signing up and implementation has been easy enough for a novice like me. - UK IO on TrustPilot

We might have a free plan but that doesn't mean we're not feature rich. In fact we'd go as far to say we have one of the largest feature sets on the market. Lets take a look at just some of the features you get with BookingNinja

Instant Setup - Start taking bookings in minutes not hours. No need to speak to us - get started instantly with our guided setup wizard.

Deposits & Payments - Take deposits or full payments. You can have multiple sessions that take different payments, charge per a user or per a table, scale deposits based on the number of guests and add VAT and other taxes automatically.

SMS & Email Notifications - Automatically send SMS or email notifications to customers when their booking is confirmed, cancelled or they're due to arrive. You can also send custom messages to customers from their booking profile.

Online Booking Widget - Install our online booking widget on your website in minutes. Customers can book and pay for their table directly from your website 24/7. Or simply link people to your unique booking URL.

Customizable Booking Form - Add or remove fields from your booking form. You can also make fields mandatory so that customers must provide certain information when they book.

Table Management - You can add or remove tables, change table sizes and assign prority to tables. Have bookings automatically yield to the best possible table based on the group size. Chain multiple tables together to support bookings for larger groups.

Multiple Session Types - Create different types of sessions such as lunch, dinner or happy hour and then offer different pricing or menu items during those times. Allow different areas to be booked such as Outdoors and Inside.

Team Members - Invite as many team members as you need and give them various permissions such as managing bookings, accessing reports or changing platform settings

Vouchers - Sell vouchers that can be redeemed by customers for bookings. You can also offer discount codes that give a certain percentage off the booking price.

Customer Profiles - Get to know your customers better by viewing their contact information, understanding when and how they book.

These are just some of the features that come with BookingNinja, if you want to learn more about our features or take a closer look at our booking software then head over to our website.

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