NEW: Different guest types for different events

NEW: Different guest types for different events

More power over what guest types are shown during the booking process

Users of the Guest Types feature now have the ability to add guest types that are hidden by default, but then can be selected in independent sessions. This means you can now run a special event or session type that requires different guest types from your normal operations.

To use this new functionality first head over to the guest types settings page (settings -> guest types), then create your new guest types, for this example we’ll create one called ‘Career’. We’ll create the guest type as normal - but bear in mind if we are creating a special type then we want to avoid using requirements that would not show on the event we’re creating. For example, don't create a special type of ‘Career’ that requires ‘Adult’ if we don’t plan to show the Adult option (Doing so would create a situation where the customer would not be able to book!).

We’ll then make sure this special guest type is marked as ‘hidden’. Hidden guest types won’t show by default and will only show if you select it during a session or event creation. Once we’ve added our new guest type we can move on over to sessions.

From here we need to scroll the section called ‘Overrides’. This now has a new selection box where you can select what guest types you want to show on the guest count selection screen. In our case we’ll select ‘Standard’ and ‘Career’ options. Now when we go to the booking page on LetsBookFor the guest will be presented with just these two options. If you want to include your default options as well then you’ll need to select all in the select box.

You’ll then want to make sure your tickets use Per-Pax and have the deposit types you select are reflective of the guest type options. Remember multiple deposit types can be used by the same guest type. 

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