10 Ways to make a hospitality job better for your team

10 Ways to make a hospitality job better for your team

As an employer, there are a number of ways you can make your hospitality job better for your employees and in return, improve employee retention.

Profit margins are often being squeezed and it's a given fact that margins for small business restaurants and cafes and pubs aren't amazing, but that burden should not be on your hard working staff. So, what can you do to make a hospitality job better for your employees and ensure that they are more engaged and motivated at work? 1. Allow flexible working hours

Flexible working hours are a great way to show your employees that you trust and respect them. It can also help with staff morale and motivation, as well as reducing turnover rates. Use software to allow your team to communicate with each other and plan their own rotas, with you jumping in when required. Have particular days no one wants to do? Look at ways you can incentivise those days, be it extra pay or additional holiday time. 2. Offer paid time off for training and development

Encouraging your employees to develop their skills will not only make them better at their jobs, but can also lead to increased job satisfaction. By offering paid time off for training, you'll be investing in your team and showing that you're committed to their personal development. The industry has ample areas where your team can learn new skills, and investing in them can often yield amazing results in both morale and productivity. 3. Encourage a healthy lifestyle

A healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. There are lots of simple ways you can encourage your team to live a healthier lifestyle, such as providing healthy snacks and drinks, encouraging them to take breaks throughout the day, and offering discounts at local gyms or yoga studios. You could even hold regular fitness challenges or lunchtime walks to get everyone moving... just don't expect people to turn up for challenges unpaid! 4. Promote a good work/life balance

Working in hospitality can often be demanding and tiring, so it's important to promote a good work/life balance for your team. This could involve having regular team meetings to discuss any issues they're having, offering flexible working hours, or encouraging them to take their full entitlement of holiday each year. Promoting a healthy work/life balance will lead to a happier and more productive workforce. 5. Recognise and reward good performance

Recognising and rewarding good performance is a great way to show your team that you appreciate their hard work. There are lots of different ways you can do this, such as giving out bonuses, offering freebies or days off, or simply saying thank you. Whatever you do, make sure it's something that will motivate and encourage your team to keep up the good work. Remember though - if someone is truly doing great and you don't want to lose them a pay rise is only fair and right. 6. Free food & drink

Don't be greedy and charge your team who are the heart of your business for food and drink, within reason of course. Many businesses do this as they feel it's a perk of the job, but it's actually a great way to show your team that you appreciate them. Offering free food and drink is a simple way to show your appreciation, and it can also help with employee morale and motivation. Allowing your team to eat on your premise saves them money, and you'd be surprised just how useful it is to have your team be able to give you real honest feedback on the menu! 7. Pay a decent wage

Sure the margins are tight, but if you can't afford to pay your team what they're worth, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your business model. A decent wage will ensure your team are happy and motivated, and it will also help with retention rates. It often ends up being cheaper to pay a decent wage than to have a high turnover and constantly need to do staff training and have reduced efficiency. 8. Be an open environment for concerns

Your team should feel like they can approach you with any concerns or problems they have, without fear of reprisal. This could involve having regular team meetings, setting up an anonymous suggestion box, or simply encouraging employees to speak to you directly if they have any issues. By being an open and approachable boss, you'll create a better working environment. No matter the size of your organisation you need to ensure you are listening. 9. Remember you need them, they don't need you.

You might think your business can function without any of your team, but the truth is, you need them just as much as they need you. Without your team, your business would grind to a halt, so it's important to remember that you need them just as much as they need you. This doesn't mean you have to be best friends with your team, but it does mean treating them with respect and appreciation. 10. Allow for creativity

Hospitality is a creative industry, so it's important to allow your team to be creative. This could involve giving them the opportunity to come up with new ideas, or simply giving them the freedom to express themselves. By allowing your team to be creative, you'll encourage them to be more innovative and productive.

There are lots of different ways to make a hospitality job better for your employees, but these are just a few of the most important. If you can implement even just some of these tips, you're sure to create a happier and more productive workforce.

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