New Feature: Guest Table Selection

New Feature: Guest Table Selection

Our new feature allow guests to book our particular tables in your venue.

In the vast majority of cases our automatic table placement system is the best solution for restaurants and other venues that want to use BookingNinja - but we understand there are always use cases outside of the norm, and that's why today we're happy to announce the ability for guest to select what table they would like to sit out.

To setup table selection go to the session you want to enable it on, and then toggle the "Session Guest Seat Selection" option. Once you've done this your guests will be presented with all the table choices you have available. It will still restrict guests based on your table's minimum and maximum counts, so you don’t have to worry about a guest suddenly booking out your largest table for themselves.

As the guests can now pick a table - the table setup screen now has an additional option for defining a description for the table. Very useful if you want to let guests know how the table is (for example size, location or anything else they might need to know).

As the guest will be picking the table this feature will not work with table chains, although chains will remain functional for the admin panel.

We know a lot of board game cafes and entertainment venues have customers with particular desires when it comes to tables so hopefully this feature will be useful! As always if you have any questions or feedback then we’re here on LiveChat!

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