Booking Status

Live information from the platform.

We use a wide range of tools to monitor the health of the platform. This page shows some of the key metrics we use to monitor booking rates. If you have any questions about the data here, please get in touch.


Any known issues are reported here.

Key Statistics

Key information about bookings being made.

Last 5 Minutes

How many bookings in the last 5 minutes


Current Hour Count

How many bookings in the last hour


Previous Hour Count

How many bookings yesterday at the same hour


Previous Week Count

How many bookings last week at the same hour


Bookings by Hour

This is the sum of all bookings per an hour. It's normal to see this have peaks during busy hours and then quiet spans.

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Incomplete Bookings

These bookings are ones which have not been completed and left during the checkout process. We normally see pretty level figures here and sharp peaks can be indications of issues.

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This is the payments received via Stripe Connect. This can vary when larger clients put on events, but a sudden drop is something we keep an eye out for

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