Stop making excuses not do online bookings

We understand that using online booking software might be scary, but really there isn't any excuse in 2023.

So what's your excuse?

Sure that might come across as a bit abrupt, but we know BookingNinja can improve the amount of covers you get, and we know that it will make your life easier. We've worked with hundreds of restaurants, and we've seen the impact BookingNinja can have. We've also seen the excuses people make to not use online bookings. We've listed some of the most common excuses below, and we've explained why they aren't valid.

Well... It's too complicated

Except we'll guide you through setup, and once your setup it's as easy as checking a paper diary. It will make your life easier and that of your customers to.

Well... It costs too much

Except we have a free plan, and our paid plans are contract free. We're certain you'll gain more bookings with BookingNinja, so much so that you can get a refund if you don't.

Well... I don't have time to setup

Except we'll help you get setup for free. We'll even import your existing bookings for you. We're here to help you get setup and running as quickly as possible.

Well... I don't need it

Except you may not feel you need it, but your customers do. They want to book online, they want to pay online, they want to be able to book 24/7. We'll help you do that.

Well... Customers would get confused

Except we've made the booking process as simple as possible. We are constantly improving the software to make it even easier.

Well... Phone bookings are easier

Except phone bookings are great, but they take up your time and your customers time. You are missing out on bookings by not offering online booking. That isn't opinion, it's fact.

Well... You could go down

Except we have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We have a team of engineers working around the clock to ensure that BookingNinja is always available. Also, to be direct, what if you lost your bookings book?

Well... There is always surpise fees

Except we don't have any hidden fees. We don't charge you for bookings, we don't charge you for payments, we don't charge you for anything extra. We're here to help you get more bookings.